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Our Projects

I come from a small village that now has a population of over 15,000. The Village Kichaucha is located on the Faizabad - Azamgarh road in Eastern UP. It is suffixed with Sharif as a reverence to a Sufi Saint who migrated from Iran and is buried here at the mazar, and people from all faiths gather to offer their prayers and seek his blessings. Kichaucha is  80 km from the holy town Ayodhaya.

There are schools in Kichaucha, however, they are beyond the reach of daily wage earners and menial job workers. Their children do not go to these schools as their parents can not afford to pay their fees and prefer that they stay with them to assist.

Through Vidya Trust, we have opened ‘Meher Academy’ to attract these financially challenged groups and communities. Starting classes in modified rooms in our ancestral home, we now are
constructing regular buildings as per norms and scales. These buildings will be used by the students by the end Sept 2022.

There are 92 students presently attending classes at Meher Academy. From the feedback we have received both the students and parents are happy and satisfied. There are only 45 students whose parents willingly remit from Rs 250 - Rs 50 as monthly fees. For the rest 47 students, everything is free.

The School follows the CBSE syllabus and presently we are admitting students up to Class 5. However, considering the popularity of the school we intend to gradually increase the number of classes in the near future.
From friends and well-wishers we have received requests urging us to open branches of Meher Academy in their villages. We are examining the same and God willing, with your blessings and assistance we hope to fulfill their wishes.

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